Bespoke blog, I didn’t wan to use an off-the-shelf solution, as we wanted it to feel like an integral part of the website

I crafted my own affiliate program, which empowered customers and achieved extra sales

Pay as you go lead service. This was designed to allow customers to select leads in real time. The leads were pushed from the server, rather than polling it for new leads.

The My Account area of the website, giving people an insight in to their recent leads and activity.

View lead page. This combines a static map showing the exact location of the lead. The page automatically brings in information about their social profiles from a third party web service.

Everything was crafted in-house, even the construction of the invoices.

AdvertAnywhere Company Website

We were required to re-develop the existing website using ASP.NET MVC4. The solution before this was limited in terms of its capabilities.

We developed this website using Twitter Bootstrap, MVC4 (Razor Engine), HTML5, CSS and jQuery.

We hooked in to a range of web services including:

  • Facebook API, which enabled customers to login to the website effortlessly
  • Google Maps API, which allowed us to showcase the location of the lead on an interactive map
  • FullContact API, which allowed us to pull back the social data for leads that had responded.
  • KickBox.io, which allowed us to verify emails during the registration process
Lead Web Developer
July 2014