HousesIn was a project where we purchased 340 domain names, like,

I then created an engine that displayed a dynamic website (including branding, logos and text for search engines).

The website was populated with properties from a third party API. We monetised this by adding on Google adsense advertising.

This was one of the landing pages that we used to collect the leads for AdvertAnywhere.

The images, fields, locale, text and colour scheme were all controlled by a settings file, so we could create different landing pages for many of our clients.

This was a contact management system that I developed that allowed customers to send broadcast emails to their leads, using mail-merge within their emails.

This system is similar to that of MailChimp, AWebber or Campaign Monitor.

This was another landing page, used to collect lead details.

It featured a live feed of recently applied candidates.

WorkWork was fundamentally a job board, built for the purpose of integrating our advertisements with job aggregation services such as Indeed, Job Rapido, etc.

This is no longer used by AdvertAnywhere, but worked great in the early days.

Additional project work

This is a collection of other websites that I have developed. Please see the description for each, which will provide additional information.